SP Center/Station Park

Localization: Piazzale delle Medaglie d’Oro (Ex Piazzale della Stazione ferroviaria) in La Spezia; Number of Levels: Two basement levels; Size: total gross inside area 5,232 sqm.; Parking spaces: 218 parking spaces, including garages and open stalls; Pedestrian accesses and exits: 2 pedestrian accesses with staircase on Piazzetta Ancona and Via Fiume, as well as lift for pedestrian access on Via Fiume; Accesses are all controlled and equipped with badge/ticket reader that enables opening to parking users only. Pedestrian and road accesses and exits: one from via Paleocapa, one from Via Fiume/Piazzetta Ancona. The car park is monitored by 64 cameras.

How to reach the car park
Level L-1 Via Paleocapa, 7, 19122 La Spezia SP, ItaliaLatitude: 44.110633|Longitude: 9.815174
Level L-2 Piazzetta Ancona, 19017 La Spezia SP,Italia- Latitude:44.110692|Longitude: 9.814421

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